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Inspired by three very different futurist friends I was fortunate to know (Gene Roddenberry, Ayn Rand and Sir Arthur C. Clarke) SPACE STATION 2076 is a "hard science fiction" adventure / drama set on VENTURE, a huge space station in Earth orbit, several miles in circumference, with facilities for long-term residence, innovative commercial experiments in zero-gravity and vacuum, with undiluted solar energy.

Those who reside on VENTURE (and those who visit) are rebels, radicals, revolutionaries and geniuses.

This fact-based extrapolation is an inspiring vision of civilization's first private outpost in space – home to hundreds of explorers, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors and tourists from all parts of the planet.

With only three simple laws governing these liberated individuals, life aboard VENTURE is a constant parade of uninhibited discovery – a privately-funded exploratory habitat that challenges the human race with tomorrow's possibilities.


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