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COSMORAMA had all the dreadful faults of every "first film," but it was ambitious, it was short, and it launched my 8mm filmmaking days. Our second film, KALEIDOSCOPE, was a vast improvement – an 80-minute travelogue adventure that went from the Aquarena in San Marcos to Central Park in Manhattan -- featuring Austin High's Most Handsome and Most Beautiful: Coleman Proctor and Carolyn Calvert.

By Senior Year, I was ready to make a "really big shoe," as Ed Sullivan used to say.

I wrote script and lyrics for NIGHT, a full-length original musical drama, to be shot in color 8mm and CinemaScope. Carolyn was the star, with Roy Lyons and Bert Rivera. David wrote music for the songs and dance numbers, including a fantasy ballet. It was way too ambitious and took way too long to shoot. Summer ended, and our cast of high school graduates went off to college, or to the Army -- with only about half of the movie finished.

Here is "Blue Is The Night," from our unfinished 1956 musical feature, with vocal is by Carolyn Calvert.

(Audio Clip) "Blue Is the Night"

Carolyn was not only Austin High's "Most Beautiful" – more important, she was named "Best Actress," and she starred in three of my movies. Later, Carolyn won Miss Austin and Miss Texas. She's still acting today, and directing. I'm damn good at spotting talent.

I cast my "Handsome" and "Beautiful" pals Cole and Carolyn as stars of KALEIDOSCOPE.


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