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From the moment I first read Ayn Rand's smallest book, the closest thing to pure science fiction she ever wrote, I saw it as a movie. I have illustrations of scenes from the movie, as I envisioned them (in wide screen) back in the 1960s. As Barbara Branden once told me, "You are the man born to make the movie of ANTHEM."

Soon after I moved to LA, I attended a party in Beverly Hills and met Jim Snider, who held the rights to ANTHEM. We became partners, brought together by our mutual love of this simple Romeo and Juliette story in a future society where humans practice what humans have preached for centuries: altruism – living for others as the moral goal of life.

It's not a happy world, in spite of the dedication of all who inhabit this "ideal" society. One young man finds he cannot control his personal, selfish desires -- his passion to question, explore and discover – his need to stand alone. Equality 7-2521 finds another rebel soul mate, a beautiful girl, Liberty 5-3000 – and they secretly set about to risk their lives, defying and escaping the world of WE.

The detailed treatment Jim and I have written, brings new characters and events to ANTHEM – expanding the 105-page book into a vast motion picture adventure that dramatizes how the human spirit, free and unencumbered, can make our world a place of happiness, achievement, creativity and benevolence. All this because a single word is re-discovered and appreciated.