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Planting Creative Seeds

My 3 years at Austin High School in the 1950s were truly HAPPY DAYS -- or musically, GREASE. But I was no Ron Howard or John Travolta – just a busy, creative, GLEEesque nerd. (back when GLEE was a feeling -- not a hit TV show)

I captured lead roles in school plays. I drew posters for my popular friends running for cheerleader. I performed at school events, including our Senior Prom, with Billy Koen, a nerdy buddy, doing a lip-sync pop music routine in tacky drag, back when we didn't even know what "drag" was.

I was voted "Best Artist," a title I shared with Houston Lumpkin, another creative soul who changed his name to David Houston. I met him in lunchroom one day, soon after he moved from Abilene. We were instant friends, and before we returned to classes, we had agreed to make a movie.