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My Son, Brian, the LAPD Cop

One memorable weekend, I met a 16-year old boy. We were at "Wigstock," the annual all-day music festival staged along the Hudson River, started by The Lady Bunny and a gaggle of hung-over drag queens, now attended by thousands of New Yorkers – gay, straight, whatever.

Brian Gossh and I got to know each other quickly. We both felt instant comfort and trust. He had just escaped from New Jersey, free of his mother's anger, disapproval and physical abuse. I came to appreciate the independence,

the smarts and the unconquered spirit of this amazing boy -- and I began to love him, to want him a part of my life, eager to help him build a better life.

At first I didn't understand what I was feeling, but we both came to see that we were meant to be father and son. We announced our adoption with a big party at my home in Austin, where we lived and laughed together for several years. I gave him love, security and hope for the first time in his life. He gave me joy and the reason to live I'd been looking for. We were good for each other. We were friends, and we traveled the world together. At least half the time it was Brian who organized and planned our trips. We often joked that he was the more mature of us. When we went out, he wore a "FATHER" shirt, and I wore "SON."

Brian spoke several languages and wanted to be a pilot. As I got to know him and heard details of his childhood, I started writing a book about my new son and his "favorite father." When I moved to Hollywood, Dan Fauci said he wanted us to collaborate on a screenplay about my family-of-two, so we wrote LOVE IN THE VERTICAL POSITION, based on my book.

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