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"A Candidate for Murder"

     Kyle Madison is the most popular movie star on the planet Earth, a handsome, entrepreneurial actor in his 40s. When he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his PLANETARY PROFITS PROGRAM, Kyle was called “the man of a million talents.”

At the Hollywood Bowl, Kyle announced that he is a candidate for President, and spells out the fundamentals of his radical Individualist campaign. Fans cheer him, but he also generates vehement enemies. Kyle isn’t a Democrat or Republican, not Liberal not Conservative, and he is the first openly-gay man ever to run for President of the United States.

When his helicopter explodes over the Hudson River, Kyle is assumed dead -- but he isn’t. He sets about secretly, with a parade of disguises and skillful acting, to discover who is behind the assassination attempt he escaped. The Hollywood actor becomes a detective, determined to solve his own “murder” by infiltrating the political chambers of Washington, the Governor’s mansion in Texas, the soul of a TV evangelist, and all those who oppose his uncompromising individualism.

This political murder mystery is told by the press – TV anchors Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, David Letterman, Larry King and Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News. The politics and the media of today’s world are exposed in this life-and-death clash of practicality versus principles.

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