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This "Ayn Rand Zombie Adventure" challenges the audience to a game – a puzzle, in which what's real depends on what you believe is possible.

Kleary, a nerdy teen boy suffocating in small-town bigotry and religious guilt discovers THE FOUNTAINHEAD, and his young mind explodes with liberating ideas of reason, individualism and reality -- making him even more of a misfit in Bumstuck, Texas.

When DRAGWORMS, a brutal motorcycle gang slaughtered years ago, roar from their watery grave in Lake Tranquil to exact revenge and stop murder attempts on the local black madam (Kleary's outcast friend and mentor) the boy must stand up and team up with terrifying creatures he's sure are impossible figments of human imagination.

DRAGWORMS is a smart Zombie horror adventure, twisting terror, gore and youthful dreams with philosophical concepts – from the man who created FANGORIA magazine.

CLICK HERE: The End of the Real World