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Feature Films

My monthly weeks in Los Angeles were packed with meetings, production activities, networking, developing and selling projects that would make O’Quinn Productions a creative force. I wanted STARLOG and FANGORIA to produce feature films, and I set about with my staff to devise a fresh story that would bring the soul of each magazine’s world to life on the silver screen, with all the elements I had come to know fans wanted, and I did too.

I flew to my house on St.Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, for several weeks to write “STARLOG’s MAN FROM TOMORROW.” For reasons I’ll explain, the features we developed were not made, but I have now re-written that screenplay and changed the title to “TRANSFORMATION” -- a present-day science fiction adventure of a brilliant nerd forced to bring out buried courage and become a realistic superhero on his flying chrome Turbocycle.

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The story I devised with Rex Piano for FANGORIA was, and is, called “DRAGWORMS.” I have written and re-written it many times, so it now has all the elements I enjoy in horror -- engaging teenagers, a small-town mystery, a gang of zombies on motorcycles, and a game that’s afoot throughout -- a dash of Ayn Rand that will challenge the audience to decide what’s real and what’s impossible.

See TODAY: Feature Screenplays, DRAGWORMS


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