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Kicking Butt and Losing Friends

As soon as I could muster energy, I began picking up the pieces. Nothing had moved forward on any of the projects I was working on, and I realized that generally I'm "butt kicker." So I started kicking butt again.

I have never taken life for granted, but as I re-entered life, six years into my new Hollywood chapter, I was filled with urgency and determination, underscored by my brush with death. I also found myself newly appreciating the range of my interests and abilities, wanting to explore and give form to things that had only danced in my imagination.

I knew I had something important to say about the way life operates, and how humans can best enjoy it. I knew it was time to finish that book I'd been talking about for years – REACH FOR THE STARS. It was time to finish the Broadway stage musical I'd been humming for years – THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD. It was time to put up the web site I'd been pushed to do for years – KERRYOQUINN.COM

My first ten years in Hollywood, have been eventful, to say the least. My son died in 2009, at 27 -- the same age, the same year, and the same cause of Heath Ledger's death – accidental overdose of prescription meds. My friend Arthur C. Clarke died. My heroes, Les Paul, Eartha Kitt, Forry Ackerman, Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry – John Waldrop and several of my dear high school classmates.

I've written and re-written several FEATURE SCREENPLAYS (see list) – not just science fiction and horror. The titles and subjects are testimony to the variety of my interests. I finished my musical and produced a reading with the LA Academy of New Musical Theatre. I'm currently re-working it, stimulated by excellent feedback and encouragement. I'm talking with literary agents and publishers about my book. I've written a TV series with my wild actor buddy, Derek Nelson -- set in Austin, involving Rugby, hot music, sports, sex and beautiful young people struggling to make dreams come true – while preserving rough-edged individuality.

Today, in the land of dreams, I look out the window of my bedroom and see the famous HOLLYWOOD sign on the hill. Years ago, when this apartment building opened, an amazing man bought a 2-bedroom unit on the top floor and combined it with a studio to create the "penthouse" apartment I occupy. The man who lived here for years, enjoying the same panoramic views I enjoy -- was director Martin Scorsese.

I love that my current home has that kind of Hollywood history. Good vibes, Marty!

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