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Taking a Leap

Brian moved to LA while I was back in New York, but in 2000 he called me to announce that he had enrolled in Police Academy and was going to be a cop. He wanted me to move west, so we could live together again "and you can make movies," he laughed. "That's all you ever talk about!"

The kid was right. I was ready for a change. I wanted to be with him, and the challenge of Hollywood at my age excited me. And so I came, and we re-formed our family in a new location. Fatherhood in Hollywood was a whole different adventure. In Austin we were getting to know each other. In Hollywood we had moved beyond that. He was focused on his new job, working nights at Hollywood Division. I was focused on mastering a new game in a new playground.

I will always be grateful to my Hijo for getting me to take that giant leap -- leaving New York, city of my soul, to embark on an exciting new challenge, with possibilities that make me eager to get up each morning.

I had explored in all directions, built the best dance club in Austin, found and adopted my perfect son and was enjoying the responsibilities, the angst, and the joys of fatherhood. I had found what made me want to go on living. Brian and I celebrated our West Coast reunion with a trip to Tokyo. I was feeling great energy again.

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