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"Manhattan Men"

Based on my life in Manhattan after John Michael died, here's an edgy drama set in a spectacular Manhattan terrace apartment where four dudes live together – a guy version of SEX AND THE CITY, with SWINGERS and BROMANCE – an uncensored look at how boys become men by looking for love.

Three of the guys are in their 20s, just arrived in New York from different parts of the country, eager to conquer the big city, discover what life has to offer, and get laid. The fourth, Kelvin, is older and wiser but pained and debilitated by the recent death of his wife.

Kelvin feels life will never again offer him love and happiness. More worldly than the boys renting from him, Kelvin has many fabulous celebrity friends and helps his young roommates explore and grow, while they help him rekindle his upbeat spirit.

All four are chasing big dreams in the world's greatest city, learning about life while competing with each other – an orgy of testosterone. But at the end of the day, these very individual Manhattan Men always stand together.