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Speaking My Mind

For 20 years, my most personal and individual job at our publishing and production operation, was writing the opening column for each issue of STARLOG – “From The Bridge”

It was my blog, before there were blogs -- my personal communication with the fans I had come to know and understand and appreciate and love. I told them of my adventures all over the planet. I analyzed, criticized, said anything I wanted to say, expressing my positive and encouraging views on whatever I saw as important. I spoke my mind – directly, honestly, uncensored.

I have brought “From The Bridge” back to life on this website, writing something new every few weeks. Please check it out, tell your friends, let me hear what you have to say.

In the late 1980s I was juggling multiple activities, in many different arenas, every minute of every day. I was working on things I loved at an unbelievable pace, and I had unending energy (somehow I still do). O’Quinn Productions was growing, and Norm and I were publishing two-dozen newsstand titles, including TEEN IDOLS, COUNTRY RHYTHMS, ROCK VIDEO, BLACK ELEGANCE, AMERICAN ASTROLOGY, FEMALE WRESTLING and ALLURE (it did not survive long, and we sold the title to the magazine you find on stands today). I was doing new things every week, constant challenges, surprises, discoveries, brainstorms – a demanding monthly bi-coastal schedule in Manhattan and Hollywood.

(fan of magazine covers)

And then…

Within a period of a few years, many of the most important people in my life died (including both my parents and the young man I had lived with for 16 years). It was the height of the AIDS epidemic, and my friends were dying once a week. I found myself overwhelmed by grief, and I just couldn’t continue the demanding pace I had maintained bi-coastally, plus attending SF cons almost every weekend. I told Norm I wanted to sell him my half of the company and go away to recover and find a new reason to go on living. I had never experienced depression, and I needed to deal with it.

And so – O’Quinn Productions ceased to be, and all the production projects I had started, stopped.

I continued to write “From The Bridge” each month for STARLOG, even after I sold the business. It was an important way in which I focused my thinking and reached out to motivate others with unique souls. When I moved to Hollywood, I met some amazing people who are doing amazing things, and who grew up reading my words, inspired and encouraged by them.

One of my new projects out here in the sunshine of LaLaLand is writing my first book -- a systematic plan for making your dream come true, an organization and amplification of ideas in “From The Bridge.” “REACH FOR THE STARS” (see TODAY: Books) includes interviews on “success” with some amazing friends in science fiction, entertainment, and other unique areas.

“REACH FOR THE STARS” is my philosophy of life, my conviction that a life of happiness is possible on this planet, and humans who make dreams come true are those who relish struggling with conviction, with practical pursuit, and with youthful passion.

The STARLOG years are my thrilling past. All those activities, in many different realms, laid the groundwork for what I am now pursuing here in Hollywood, engaged in a whole new world of creative projects that continue to offer challenging opportunities to explore and go where this man has not gone.


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