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"There Goes the Neighborhood"

This is a musical clash in which two gay guys – Kelly, flamboyant Broadway Queen, and Brandon, butch Mexican banker – quite different, constantly fighting – inherit the finest mansion in Houston's exclusive residential community, River Oaks. They move from the gay Montrose to the epicenter of Texas high society, bringing their gang of friends with them – society's worst undesirables...

SHERRI COBBLER, fabulous ebony drag queen nightclub diva -- BONER, studly foul-mouthed bisexual Cowboy dick dancer – GRACE, beautiful angry Jewish lesbian activist -- and WESLEY, lean British lad, nelly, closeted and homeless.

Kelly decides to throw a party and invite the new neighbors – uptight, bigoted, conservative, proper society. Huntington Hardwood is president of the bank where Brandon works, chairman of the Houston Symphony, and his wife is the ultimate committee woman, dedicated to beautification and propriety. In spite of good intentions, good music, good dancing and singing, the Act Two party is a collision of cosmic proportions – and there goes the neighborhood.