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O'Quinn Productions, Oh My!

Because I was eagerly spearheading our expansion into Hollywood, Norm and I formed a new branch of our business -- and O’Quinn Productions was born. “OH MY!” as George Takei says.

It felt like a dream come true. I hired some smart, talented young filmmakers to work with me, including two who have since built careers as Directors – Damon Santostefano (“THREE TO TANGO” etc.) and Rex Piano (“HOPE RANCH” etc.).

Damon worked with me to make a short film celebrating STARLOG’s 5th year. I wrote and directed “STARLOG’s BIRTHDAY FANTASY,” and Damon produced. The 20-minute film surveyed the history of science fiction movies, from Flash Gordon serials, to 50s monster invasions, to 2001 and hard-science adventure, to a STAR WARS TIE-fighter attack on our fancy Park Avenue offices, to a Space Shuttle launch that transported our staff (transformed into children) up, above the Manhattan skyline into cosmic orbit.

We offered 16mm prints to conventions and fan gatherings, and I was guest at a Toronto con where I presented “STARLOG’S BIRTHDAY FANTASY” for the first time. Standing ovation!

For the next few years, Damon and Rex and several others built O’Quinn Productions, working with me to develop, write, and produce a variety of projects. I was having the time of my life, dreaming up visions and building them into reality with a creative crew bubbling with energized dedication and zany ideas.

We started working with LionsGate and Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana (STAR TREK’s head writer) to create a STARLOG television show – interviews, behind-the-scenes at movies and TV shows, cons, space launches – all very positive news.

I met Robert Shaye, and we had lunch occasionally. Bob was launching New Line Cinema in New York, producing “Ninja Turtles” and “Freddy Kreuger,” while I was taking my publishing company into production projects. Wheee!


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