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Producing for Paramount

I met people at Paramount, home of “STAR TREK,” and we sold them the idea of a video series, based on FANGORIA subject matter. SCREAM GREATS Vol.1 featured “Tom Savini, Master of Horror Effects.” Vol.2 was “Satanism and Witchcraft.”

I further explored my passion for music by composing the opening/closing title music for the SCREAM GREATS series, working with Daniel Lessner, who scored many of our productions and has transformed many of my compositions into brilliant recordings.

O’Quinn Production made several more videos for different distributors, domestic and foreign. “Fright Show” was a compilation of short horror films that included “DR.DOBERMIND” a CINEMAGIC Short Film Search winner, made by talented future-director Jonathan Mostow (“U-571,” “SURROGATES” etc.).

We produced “FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors,” the only time a fan convention has been documented with professional multi-camera coverage and an original music score. The event took place at the famed Ambassador Hotel in LA (where Bobby Kennedy was shot), home of the Coconut Grove, glamorous celebrity club from Hollywood’s Golden Age. The guest roster was outrageous: Forry Ackerman,Rick Baker, John Buechler, Wes Craven, Elvira, Robert Englund, Albert Glasser, Alex Gordon, Clu Gulagher, Tobe Hooper, William Katt, Dick Miller, Steve Miner, Dan O’Bannon, Craig Reardon.


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