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Abilene, Texas, 1950s, is a dusty west Texas town ruled by narrow-minded Baptist bigotry. Abilene has voted itself "dry," and the "suggestive" rock and roll gyrations of Elvis Presley are considered sinful. Most kids are bored stiff.

About the only entertainment available is the local Drive-in. Each Saturday night teens gather with souped-up hot rods, teased and ducktailed hair, popcorn, chilidogs, Dr.Pepper, and youthful hormones in abundance.

We get to know the popular cheerleader and her boyfriend, a star athlete, high school goody-goodies, geeks and nerds, local cowboys, hicks, and chicks – each with dreams of tomorrow and problems of today. This particular Saturday night is Halloween, and teachers from Abilene High chaperone the kids at an all-night sci-fi movie marathon, dance and costume contest: SPACECAPADE. When a giant flying saucer lands in woods behind the drive-in, small-town fun becomes an unforgettable night of big-time terror.

As hideous aliens mix with equally bizarre Halloween costumes, this satire of popular 50s teen sci-fi movies has all the typical characters and events -- turned upside down. It's a tapestry of engaging personal stories with a rock-n-roll beat, cheap thrills, zany fun and a climax with hope that changes each and every life.

Upbeat GREASE-style music drives the killer soundtrack. Like GALAXY QUEST, this salutes sci-fi fandom -- with teen angst and acne, nostalgia for days past and those terrible movies that thrilled us to death. Mainly, SPACECAPADE is a story of how ordinary humans can become heroic.

SPACECAPADE can be made for $10-million -- with great special effects and alien creatures (who turn out to have a sympathetic mission), awesome space scenes, delightful roles for teen heartthrobs and memorable zany adult characters.

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