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"Love in the Vertical Position"

Adopting a teen boy and taking on the responsibilities of fatherhood, is a life-changing experience, both challenging and rewarding. Here is the true story of Brian Gossh from New Jersey, and Kerry O’Quinn from Texas – who meet accidentally, feel something profound between them, and form a family of two – a family some might call “America’s Most Unwanted.”

Detailed with frank honesty, this is a love story of two humans who go where few have gone – and discover happiness few have known. It’s a hymn of hope for 1.3-million homeless teens living on the streets of our country, unloved and unhappy, a true tale of triumph that every parent and teacher needs to read, if the Brian Gosshs of our world are to be saved and encouraged to soar.

This is my uncensored account of the most unusual and profound
adventure of my life.