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"What are you going to be?" -- My parents kept asking.

I answered (after six years at UT, with almost enough hours for two degrees) that I was quitting school, without getting a degree, and taking a full-time job at the Texas Education Agency. My folks were distressed, but I told them that whatever field I approached, people would ask to see my portfolio, not my degree. And that turned out to be true.

I've never been able to settle into one career for more than a few years. I enjoy doing things I've never done.

With Dave Crosley and some other zany ex-Rangeroos -- I launched a slick off-campus humor magazine with a sexy centerfold and raunchy cartoons, targeting all the colleges of the Southwest Conference: SMU, TCU, Baylor, Arkansas, Rice and Texas A&M. We called our independent creation BACCHANAL, and it included the first appearance of Fearless, Fighting, Foul-mouthed WONDER WART-HOG, created by legendary underground artist Gilbert Shelton, father of "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers."

I was painting constantly. I had gallery shows, and one of my watercolors won First Prize in the Texas Fine Arts Association competition. I was selling my art – and I had been made Supervising Artist at the Texas Education Agency, with a pool of talented designers.

I was 24, having lots of fun, making good money, and life was sweet -- but Austin in those days was too comfortable, too peaceful for me. I wanted some place more demanding. I was ready for the real world and the big time.

I wanted to go to New York City.

Fired from the RANGER for stepping out of bounds, Dave Crossley and I gathered an unruly gang of rebels and launched BACCHANAL.

Free of all faculty censorship, the creative staff of BACCHANAL assumes faux propriety -- then shuffles off to Buffalo.

My casein painting "Nada" won first prize in Texas Fine Arts Association statewide competition.




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