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"The End of the Real World"

THE END OF THE REAL WORLD shows how horrible events can bring heroes out of hiding -- by dramatizing two parallel life-or-death adventures, each with its own story, characters and music score. One is live-action, the other animation.

The live-action adventure features Kevin, a nerdy New Jersey teenager obsessed with comic book superheroes. His parents are distressed that their only child has no friends and lives in his room, obsessed with drawing his own courageous Intergalactic Freedom Fighter, THUNDERKROME -- the animated adventure.

Kevin is forced into a family vacation on Isla Bonita, a private Caribbean island resort near Cuba, for a summer “boot camp” designed for troubled teens. He is bullied by jocks like Addis, and humiliated by sexy, trendy cheerleader Danya.

Kevin wakes up one morning to find everyone on Isla Bonita mysteriously slaughtered, including his parents. For him, it is the end of the real world. In order to survive, escape the remote island, and save the planet from a futuristic terrorist weapon, he must team up with the only others alive – Addis and Danya.

These two adventures dramatize the heroic spirit hidden within all of us -- and what can bring it out into reality.

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